First Friday. July

Lately I have had the itch to get out and shoot some street photography. With 2 toddlers usually in tow it doesn't make for an easy time shooting. Last night the weather was perfect, and my mother in law was gracious enough to watch the kids until late into the evening while I went out with a girl I am mentoring. We had so much fun walking around downtown and exploring the city. 

I've never considered myself able to mentor someone. I'm still stuck in this "I'm a newbie" stage in my head. I am finding that teaching someone else is showing my how much I really do know, how much has been used so often it's just instinct now. 


Not only was there no shortage of people, but we got a chance to see some beautiful working horses as well.

There is always live music downtown as well and gave us the fun experience of taking some awesome documentary portraits.

Erin Berry