Pittsburgh, PA

For my 29th birthday my hubby planned a weekend getaway for the two of us to Pittsburgh. it was a great weekend, filled with drinks, friends, food and lots of sleeping in. Even though we are both very strongly rooted in our love for all things Baltimore (sports teams included) we still enjoyed the sights of steel city. Big thanks goes to my mother in law for watching our boys for a much needed weekend away.  I was even more excited when my hubby was amazing enough to book a corner room on the 16th floor of our hotel because he knew there would be extra windows and a better view. 

On Saturday, once we got moving we headed out to walk around the city a little bit. No agenda, just walk and explore. He was even sweet enough to not act annoyed while I spent most of my attention on street photography. <3 I am seriously so lucky to have this man by my side. 

We got a chance to head up to the Duquesne Incline. I very much recommend checking this out if you are in Pittsburgh. The view was amazing, and the history is so cool! Learn more about the Incline here: http://www.duquesneincline.org/

Our view from the incline&nbsp;

Our view from the incline 

Erin Berry