Brumbach Baby Bump

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Meet Kelly and Jeremy. {Fair warning, they might be the world's most romantic couple.} Kelly and I actually have known each other since high school. Though we were never really in the same "clique" we had a few classes together. She was one of those people that everyone liked. She was never trying to fit in, she was nice to everyone and she was a great student and passionate about what she loved. She is as sweet now as she was then. (Can I add that other than the obvious baby bump, she looks no different?! Yeah, I might be a bit salty and jealous about that.)

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She contacted me in May about shooting her wedding, and though I wasn't available that day, we decided on doing a "Just Married" shoot when they returned from their honeymoon. Fast forward a month and our shoot evolved into a "hey, can we wait til fall and make it a maternity shoot?" 

I was so excited for her. Kelly and Jeremy have known each other for eight years, and I swear during our shoot there was so much love and giggles you'd think they were teenagers in love. Which was probably amplified by the fact that I played on that feeling and they spent most of the session posing and kissing... I mean, when in love.... 

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Other than the obvious and catching up with someone from high school, there were a few other awesome things about this session. The image above is such an amazing example of why I love to collaborate with clients rather than run the show. We saw this bridge, but there was a somewhat steep embankment to get down to it. I casually mentioned that I was totally up for getting in the water if they wanted to shoot there. Jeremy didn't hesitate to start climbing down and helping Kelly down. So off my shoes went... and this was the result. It was so cold, but oh so worth every second. 

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This little girl is going to be blessed with such amazing parents. Both so amazingly sweet, full of love and laughter- it's the perfect environment for this little one to enter. I am looking forward to meeting this little one. I really hope she is blessed with the same laugh as her dad, because his laugh was so genuine and contagious. Kelly and Jeremy- don't sweat a thing. You are both going to be fantastic parents. Just keep loving each other the way you are now, and you'll have all the support you'll need in each other. 

I look forward to seeing how beautiful this little girl is going to be.

Erin Berry, Photographer

P.s. I wasn't kidding about the most romantic couple ever. Just try not to feel the love oozing out of this photo. 

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