Pregnancy Brain

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For those of us that have had the opportunity to grow another human being inside our bodies there is one thing that we can all relate to- pregnancy brain. And for those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, pregnancy brain is this phenomenon when while our hormones are going insane, our body is working harder than it has in its whole life, and we are getting less and less sleep as time goes on, our brains seem to take a back seat. We start having "senior moments". 

I still remember with my first pregnancy, I could not remember to put shoes on. Every morning I would step out onto the porch and realize, "Shit. I'm barefoot.". I would have to unlock the door and head back in to put shoes on for work. Every. Single. Morning. 

My second pregnancy, I am sure was full of moments like those as well, but alongside building another human being I had an infant to care for too. I kind of feel like the whole pregnancy was one giant pregnancy brain moment. 

I am sure even without being pregnant other mothers and fathers are susceptible too. While I have no experience personally with adoption, I can imagine with the stress, hormones and lack of sleep, there would be the same kind of moments. (If this is you, or you have experience with this please comment and share!)

All that being said leads me to why I wrote this post. Without realizing it, I was lucky enough to document an all time pregnancy brain moment for my clients. It will honestly be a story she and her hubby can laugh about as they tell this little peanut about their maternity shoot when she's older. 

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Here is what happened: This beautiful couple (pictured above) and I went out to shoot her maternity photos. She brought these beautiful pumpkins for props, and one had a perfectly written date on it- her due date. 

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Did you see it yet? (hint- she wasn't 9 months over due).  So without knowing the error, we had the shoot on Saturday. I sat and edited photos each day Saturday to Wednesday and shared a sneak peak with her here and there. I reached out a photography friend or two for advice on an edit or crop. That WHOLE TIME no one noticed. I delivered her gallery and something must have clicked (I still haven't asked who was the one to figure it out) and I got a text late that night: "hahaha so I might have messed up a little bit on the pumpkin in the photos... is it possible to photoshop the 2017 to 2018" 

I almost cried from laughing so hard (not at her but at myself for this complete oversight). I talked to a few people and it seemed entirely possible to get this fixed and look good, so I had at it. It was something that was fun to experiment with and definitely a valuable experience for myself. 

Below I have the side by side of one of the edits. I know you are curious and I am genuinely proud of how they turned out.

Before- 2017

Before- 2017

After- 2018

After- 2018

So for all my expecting momma's out there. I got you. Pregnancy brain is real and can strike at any moment. Relax, laugh it off, and hope no one notices (clearly from this, I've learned no one will). 

Erin Berry, Photographer

PS. Kelly, when you go to print your photos, double check that you have the right set. ;)

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