Grim Family

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Fair warning here- this post might be slightly biased. I think these kiddos are the most spunky, most beautiful and sweet children ever. I am very lucky to be their Auntie. I am blessed with such an awesome step sister and brother in law that have built this cute little family and are doing a kick ass job with raising these kiddos. 

This photo might be my favorite from this shoot. My little man is doing his thing exploring and being his inquisitive self. Squeaker (my niece's nickname) is intent on the camera- she knows she's adorable. My step sister just looks lost in her thoughts staring at her hubby, and hubby is just confident and killing it. This picture totally sums up their family. 

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I can't explain enough how in awe I am with this family. Nate is a recent veteran. They moved across the country to be closer to their family with 2 babies in tow. I can barely go to the grocery store with 2 preschoolers let alone dream of making a move like this. They've done an amazing job making the transition easy for the kids, and personally I think all the work they put into it is well worth it since I now get to see them much more often. Not to mention I totally understand the challenges they are starting to overcome with having Irish twins. It's not easy having kiddos so close in age but are still at completely different developmental stages. It always seems one kid misses out or gets the short end of the stick. The parent guilt here hits hard.

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Stacie and Nate,

You guys are doing a fantastic job. It's not easy raising a family. Let alone one where the kiddos are so close in age. It is so incredibly hard, and I feel that. It's exhausting, it's draining. I am here to say you got this. These kiddos are so sweet and caring. That will balance out their mischievousness someday, I promise. Don't forget to take time for yourselves to reconnect without the kids. It's easy to lose yourself in the roles of "Mom" and "Dad". I am so happy and overjoyed that you guys have moved home. I've loved every minute of watching you both kill it at this parenting gig. I love you all so incredibly much.

Erin Berry, Photographer