Olmstead Family

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So a good photographer friend of mind referred this sweet family my way. I think that is the most intimidating way to get a client. Especially when the other photographer is insanely talented. The pressure was immediately on. 

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This little guy definitely gave me a run for my money with those smiles. I am pretty sure I pulled out every trick in my book with him. We made it work. Just look at this family- the whole session was full of laughter and love. 

in all honesty, this was taken by the little man. 

in all honesty, this was taken by the little man. 

Mom and Dad are so amazingly patient. I was astounded. I can only dream of having that kind of calm and collected demeanor with my guys. While 'M' was busy refusing to look at my camera Mom and Dad were happy to just wait it out until I could convince him to warm up to me. 

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The wait sure did pay off. Look at that smile! I had such a fun afternoon with this family, and I sure hope I lived up to their expectations!

Mom and Dad, 

Seriously, you both are possibly the most patient people I have seen around a two year old. I know I only interacted with you for a short hour, but the love that you showed in your family just radiates through these photos. This little man is so full of energy and laughter, I am sure you will have your hands and hearts full in the future. 

and also, thank you so much for the wine! (yeah, my clients gift me wine, its pretty awesome),

Erin Berry, Photographer

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