5 is kind of a big deal

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Dear Owen,

How is it that it's already been 5 years that I've been able to see your sweet face? I can not believe how fast these first 5 years have gone. You astound me every single day. 

You are thoughtful and kind. Always willing and eager to help out. You absolutely love cooking with your dad. I enjoy watching the two of you in the kitchen; you learn so much from actually doing. 

You are so unique. You are sensitive and smart. You have this innate ability to recognize when people are doing wrong and you take it to heart. It's a good quality to have, but we are going to have to work on a healthier way to process it. At 5, you already are trying to take the world on your shoulders. 

I predict you may have a hard road head with how unique and head strong you are, but know Mom and Dad are here to help you navigate through everything and anything. You will always be loved unconditionally. You made me a momma. You are always so special to me for that very reason. 

It feels like yesterday Dad and I were driving to the hospital thinking we were losing you. I still remember seeing that little flicker of a heartbeat on the screen for the first time. The joy and relief and happiness I felt in that moment will never ever be matched. 

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As you grow older, and hopefully this blog is still around, I hope you can read back through this message. We are totally going to have our struggles in the future. You and I are both set in our ways., but don't let those struggles ever make you worry I love you any less. 

I have loved every moment of watching you grow into this amazing kid, that feels so deep, is eager to learn, and even more eager to love. You are going to grow up and do amazing things. I love you my little turtle. 



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