Ally's Senior Session

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What can I say about this BEAUTIFUL girl that isn't already summed up in that picture?! She is so spunky and sweet.  She was so easy to photograph and I seriously enjoyed making a fool out of myself trying to make her laugh. 

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I might be biased but she is planning on heading to an awesome university (We are... Penn State!- Start practicing that now Ally!) She is taking her knowledge from her life long love of dance and cheer, and studying physical therapy and sports medicine. A career that I know she will excel in, after seeing how caring and compassionate she is for others. 

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I know I feel like this session was the first chance I really got to spend time with Ally, but I have spent time watching her cheer over the years when I went to my cousins games as well. So even though we never got a chance to get to know each other prior to our session, I feel like I was able to watch her grow up a little over the years. Without even knowing my boys, she was thoughtful enough to bring my oldest home a stuffed tigger from Disney world that lives on his bed at Grandma's house. Like, seriously... she is such an amazing and thoughtful teenager. 

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You are so beautiful inside and out. Never ever lose that. You have a heart of gold, and some people will tell you that might cause you trouble in the long run. I am here to tell you otherwise. Take that compassion, and run with it girl. Some days you'll feel run down, and taken advantage of, but it pays off in the long run to be the compassionate one. Study hard but enjoy the next few years. This is the time you get to be an adult, but not be bombarded with all of the adult responsibilities- trust me, enjoy it while you can. Most importantly, stick by your mom. I can see the way she talks about you to me, and to my mom that she would literally go to the ends of the earth to make you smile. There isn't another relationship like the one you have with your mother. 

and finally-


First, you are PHENOMENAL. It's no wonder Ally is as compassionate as she is. I have seen you at your job- working with the crankiest women on earth (laboring mothers for those of you reading that have no idea), and you are still so amazing at offering love and support. After talking with Ally it is clear you are her best friend, and her safe place to go. She knows you are always going to be there for her. I know mom guilt all to well, and I know you feel it all the time too. Though you have more experience than I do, I have to say that from what I see, you are doing an AMAZING job. I've seen you're momma bear come out when she needed protected, and I've seen you give her space when she needed it to grow. I can only hope that my boys come out half as awesome as Ally has. 

To both of you-

Have an awesome senior year. Enjoy the changes, the chaos and the laughter and tears that comes along with it. I am so excited to hear about everything that happens this year when I see you again in the spring!

Until then, Enjoy!

Erin Berry, Photographer

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