Abraham Family

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This was one of my last fall sessions for the year, and certainly one of the coldest. I met this family actually last year when our sons had class together and soccer together. The boys became fast friends and really brought the energy out in each other. It was certainly fun to watch their teachers put up with that for a full year. I am not entirely surprised they were put in seperate classes this year, haha.

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Fast forward to the fall, and I received an email from Mom about doing photos without realizing we already knew each other. I had to navigate my extreme social awkwardness to figure out how to say "Hey we know each other!" without coming off as creepy. {Turns out, saying "hey we know each other" works just fine.}

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I can't say enough how awesome these kids are. They put up with the cold breezy weather {tips for future sessions- parents bring hot cocoa!}, they were all smiles, and so willing to try some crazy ideas and explore. They really made my job easy!  

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I love capturing moments like this. Moments that Mom and Dad might not get to see too often. The times where they can see their hard work paying off in seeing the actual love their kids have for one another. I know how easy these brief moments can be overshadowed by the bickering, fighting and tattling. But this moment makes it clear- they do absolutely love one another. 

Mom and Dad,

Thank you so much for letting me get a glimpse into your family and capturing these photos for you. I want you both to know that I can tell from my short interactions with the kiddos that they are going to grow up to do amazing things. They are both curious and kind- two qualities I think are essential to survive and succeed in life. I know how the kind can be easily lost in all the little moments of fights and bickering, but when you feel at that breaking point and worry, please look at these images of and remind yourself that at the core- there is love. You guys are doing a fantastic job with these two. I look forward to spending more time with you all in the future and not only watching our boys' friendship bloom but watching M and K's bond grow stronger. 

Much love,

Erin Berry, Photographer

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