Best Friends Forever

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Oh my word. When I asked my oldest about doing his five year old photos he promptly asked me to do them with his best friend. Of course I agreed, because I knew I would get the most genuine and happy smiles from them both. 

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These two met last year in school and became fast friends, as did her mom and I. They are seriously a match made in heaven. She brings out his crazy side and he brings out her sweet side. I am pretty sure he looks at her in a way I have never seen him look at another kid his age. Even if he doesn't know it, his heart is in their friendship. 

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I can't wait to watch their friendship grow over the years. Even when they are navigating different school districts, and new friends. I plan on making sure they still get their time together. Nothing is as important as learning that even though you meet new friends, you can still keep your old friends close. 

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I might be day dreaming a bit here, but I look forward to when they are older, trying to remake these photos. I would love nothing more than to see their friendship blossom and grow to be as strong and amazing as they both are going to be. 

To Owen and Lily:

Keep each other close. Never stop sharing with each other, giving each other attention and friendship. You two found a kinship some people don't find until they are much older. I will do what I can to help it grow. I can't wait to see what the future holds for your friendship. 

Love you both so incredibly much,

Erin Berry, Photographer

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