Immigrant's Rights and Solidarity March

On Sunday, My husband and I attended a march in Harrisburg (our state's capital) supporting the rights of immigrants and refugees. There was a different feel to this event than the vigil that occurred in Lancaster city. This march had happened just two days after US District Judge James Robart put a temporary stop to Trumps EO halting Syrian refugees indefinitely and all other refugees for 120 days. This order also prevents travel from citizens of seven middle eastern countries (even those with valid visas). There are so many strong opinions on either side of this debate. My heart hurts with how divided our country has become. 

All that you read anymore is words like "snowflakes", "libtards", "facists", "racists".... There are people getting mocked for merely doing their jobs. People are attacking each other, claiming the other side just doesn't understand. Both sides spreading untruths (now called "alternative facts") and purporting conspiracy theories about the opposition. Our President is calling anyone that does not agree with him names, rather than trying to show them why he thinks what he is doing is right for us. 


I am tired of always feeling disappointed in the words of others- the words I can not control. I'm not expecting everyone to always agree with each other and its rainbows and kittens until the world ends. My heart tells me what Trump is doing isn't right. I have a constitutional right to voice that opinion. I have a right to protest things that have been done that I truly feel are not only immoral and inhumane, but unconstitutional. That is what makes America so amazing. We are a country full of different ideals, different religions, different people. Why does it seem to be so hard to just help each other and work together?  

My kids have seen us watching the news and they ask questions. My husband and I do our best to answer them without throwing our politics into it. I want my kids to have our values of love and acceptance and kindness for everyone, but I don't want them to have the mindset of the "us vs. them" mentality that America seems to have right now. We are one country. We need to work together. We will not be able to unite while we are so distracted by the unkind words of others. Let's not stop making noise. Let's keep taking to the streets to show our solidarity with those that have moved to our country seeking safety, shelter, love and protection. Let's just be kind to one another. 

Erin Berry