My Best Friend's Wedding

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So my best friend and I have such a history together. Starting in 1998. Meeting in the girls bathroom in elementary school. We hit it off. And we have been there for each other ever since. Through parents seperating, through the middle school (in my personal opinion the total worst part of childhood), highschool, college and now navigating life after college. 

This is totally the most embarrassing photo ever, but it is always going to be my favorite

This is totally the most embarrassing photo ever, but it is always going to be my favorite

I can't begin to explain how much this woman inspires me every day. I remember being young and so worried about what the "cool kids" thought of me, and I was so taken back as how she just seemed to be herself with no remorse. She pushed me to let go. I never could the way she did but I always watched her in awe. I was always secretly jealous of this skill she possessed that I did not. 

We would constantly try to partner on projects in school, and that was really the only time we ever truly fought or would get mad at each other. Since that is 10+ years in the past, I can finally admit that it was because she was always correct and I was always wrong and I would never concede. Yeah. I was wrong. I'll finally admit it. 

Navigating life after college has been, well, interesting. For both of us. Deaths, parents getting ill, signs that we were indeed adults now, my marriage, my kiddos, her grad school, her travels... All the while, making time to catch up. And nurture our relationships. Sometimes weeks would go by without texting or calling, other times we'd talk multiple times in a day. It never mattered. We did our best to be there for each other. 

Her and I on my wedding day- May 2009

Her and I on my wedding day- May 2009

Her and I on her wedding day- Sept 2017

Her and I on her wedding day- Sept 2017

That was what a best friend did: hold up a mirror and show you your heart.
— Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane

Of course when she called me telling me about this guy she was talking to online, and what caught her eye about him (he was holding a chicken in his profile picture), something about the way she spoke about him- I knew this was the one. I still remember telling my husband that. And the day he proposed to her, I was SO THRILLED to FINALLY be able to be right about something with her. 

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This day brought so many tears. In all honesty, I cried when I got the save the date. I cried when I got the invitation. I cried when I booked my travel. I BAWLED at the ceremony. Finally, when I had myself pulled together- she started to say her vows and teared up, and almost as if I was trying to cry for her, I lost it all over again. 

There has never been a more perfect person for her than Phil, and for what I have heard it's the same the other way around. Their ceremony and reception seemed to so perfectly suit them and their love. 

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So here is to so many years of love and happiness to come for them. I am over the moon that they found each other. I look forward to watching them grown and learn about all the amazing and sometimes tough lessons marriage has to offer. <3 

I love you BOTH so much,

Erin Berry, Photographer

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