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There is SO MUCH I can say about this family. I met Mom last year at preschool. It took me almost the entire school year to get the nerve to finally exchange phone numbers with her. Her daughter and my oldest son had become inseparable in school and I wanted for him to be able to keep that relationship going. Also selfishly, I totally wanted another mom friend. Turns out my friendship with Mom flourished almost as fast as our kiddos friendship did. We had an awesome summer of pool time, park time, picnics, parties and a double date. 

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I've enjoyed watching their kiddos grow this past year. I still have a hard time believing that the little man is going to be a year old soon. It seems like yesterday I saw Mom in the hallway as pregnant as ever, and was dying to ask when she was due. I had a feeling that she was probably entirely exhausted of getting asked that question so I refrained from asking.  

Over the summer I got to learn about her family and how her and her husband met. A lot of their story is similar to my husband and I. It was awesome to have that person that just seemed to "get it". 

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I was thrilled when over an afternoon glass of wine she asked me to do their family photos this fall. I knew it was going to be a challenge. Her daughter is a firecracker. She is full of energy and really has only two modes- off and on. I wish I had her spirit. The little man is slowly becoming the same way. Now that he's walking, he has his own agenda and he will figure out a way to get it done. With these two combined, Mom and Dad have their work cut out for them. 

I seriously am at a loss for words with this family. They are amazing. They are fun. The amount of energy they bring to the table is just awesome. Even in the stressful moments, they make it happen. This session was the perfect one to kick off my fall season, even if it was a hot and humid 90 degrees. The kids were troopers. Mom looked awesome, and Dad just went along for the ride.

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Thank you so much for letting me photograph the four of you in this insanely crazy time of your life. It is crazy stressful right now, but it is also crazy beautiful and it deserves to be captured. 

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My message to Mom and Dad- hang in there with these two. I have a feeling you are going to have some great stories to tell these kiddos when they are older. Probably revolving around injuries, or fighting, or that time they monkeyed their way from the ground to the roof of the car in like 2 seconds flat. You got this guys. I promise you'll get some sleep eventually! 

And don't forget, you have my little family to help you out as well (even if its an excuse to have some wine and let the kids burn off steam!). 

Much love, 

Erin Berry, Photographer

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