Does the year always end this fast?

Are we really almost halfway through December?

I used to be so on the ball with documenting my time with the families I photograph on my blog. Yet, here I sit, blog untouched since last month. I sincerely apologize to my clients for this. This fall has been amazingly insane. From, shooting 2 weddings, so many family sessions, school, sports and homework, I have sadly left my blog for last.


That’s life right?!

We all have seasons of insanity and seasons that feel like they drag and drag with no end in sight. Since September, I have been up til 2 am almost every night, working on my computer, and waking up at 6:15 am to get our family off to a less chaotic start during the week. I’ve skipped far too many actual meals in favor of a protein bar at my computer while the kids ate lunch. All in the name of a few extra minutes to work in peace.

Inner Harbor at Sunset

Inner Harbor at Sunset

My personal photos are dating back to July for me to catch up on and edit, and recently I’ve opted out of photographing things just so I don’t add to my backlog.



But you know what? It was worth it.

All of it. 100 % worth every moment. I got to photograph and out of town wedding for my best friend’s little sister, photograph the wedding of a close friend, document a baby’s first Christmas, photograph new families, and families from last year. I got to travel to NYC, Baltimore and Harrisburg to work on my street photography. I’ve learned a lot about time management and managing inquires and schedules. I learned the importance of balancing family time and work time.


I learned that I underestimate myself tremendously. As 2018 comes to an end at an alarmingly fast speed, I am using this time to recenter, refocus and regroup to make 2019 my best year yet.

Thank you.

T.hank you to everyone this year, for making it so amazing and full of so much learning. Keep a look out as I catch up on these blog posts and see what awesome adventures I got to have this fall.

While you wait…

Tell me: what you do to get through the busyness of the fall and the holidays? How do you balance work/family/self-care?

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