January 5-on-5: Cookie Baking Story

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2018, huh. How in the world did this happen so fast? Last year was full of such awesome things for me I wasn't sure I was quite ready to begin again. Alas, here I am. 

December was so busy it was honestly hard to even keep up. They are not kidding when they tell you having kids makes the holidays crazy. We actually had to schedule out our plans every day for the month to fit it all in. Then, since we had everything nicely scheduled out and organized my oldest threw a big giant wrench in it and contracted the flu. Yep, the flu. 

I will be thankful for that though because it taught me a few things.

  1. Flu vaccine doesn't reach it's full effectiveness until 2 weeks after the vaccine. In some people it's faster, and in others a little slower. Apparently I have 1 kid that is slower and 1 that is faster than the normal (of course, my family would never have a normal person in it.) because THANKFULLY, only 1 kid contracted it. As with everything, it had to be the kid with the history of pneumonia and bronchitis and asthma, so it was kind of a pretty scary ordeal. I mean, he literally ate nothing but 2 bananas over the course of 5 days.
  2. Screw it, it's the holidays. The flu forced us to slow down. We parked our butts in front of the TV for a week and watched possibly every Christmas movie ever made. You know what, it was kind of awesome. 
  3. Santa is in fact, still at the mall 3 days before Christmas for photos. (And actually, it's not as busy!) 
  4. Mom's are fucking superheros. I am a pretty big proponent for receiving the flu shot. But for the sake of clarity- I don't get mine. I have only ever gotten it twice, during my pregnancies as added protection for my flu season babies. Literally my entire family around me gets the shot so I usually go without. My mantra for all of December was "I will not get sick. I am not getting sick." And for some reason the Gods spared me. 

That totally has nothing to do with this months post except to say that thankfully the flu did not interrupt our plans for cookie baking day. (Again, thank you to whomever was watching out for us.)

He was so excited to get started!

He was so excited to get started!

My husband loves cooking, so naturally I thought he would love a whole day full of baking with the kids and I. Yeah, I was really wrong. My husband loves cooking because he loves experimenting with food and flavoring. Apparently he HATES baking because of how precise it has to be. My bad.

um, let's all pause here (yes, you can all oogle my man's butt). Flour on his pants, holding a rolling pin, and a tatted up arm... *swoon*

um, let's all pause here (yes, you can all oogle my man's butt). Flour on his pants, holding a rolling pin, and a tatted up arm... *swoon*

We were making 3 different kinds of cookies- cut out sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter blossoms. This year was awesome because we didn't have to worry about any food allergies at all, and it was GLORIOUS. {Back story: my youngest was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy at 9 months old and slowly we added to the list, tree nuts, coconut and avocado, but in June of last year tested negative for all allergies!} I was so excited that this was the year he could FINALLY take part in the best part about cookie baking- eating the dough. Of course, since I was excited about it, he didn't like it. *insert eye roll here* There is always next year I guess. 

As hubs says: Team work makes the dream work. 

As hubs says: Team work makes the dream work. 

Everyone got to play a part in making the cookies, and the boys were excellent helpers. I think this was the first family activity like this that really went so well, I am looking forward to doing it again. Usually I just don't have the patience it takes to do something like this. It is definitely a huge mom flaw I have. But, Santa needed his cookies, and I was not about to give him store bought ones, damnit. 

In the end, we were all smiling, laughing and full of love (and cookies). It was really probably my favorite day of the month of December. I am really looking forward to 2018 though. And looking forward to reading what Margaret Albaugh, Spokane Photographer, Lifestyle and Documentary has to say about her last month of the year as well. Grab some coffee, or tea, or wine (hey, you might be reading this after 5 pm) and keep circling around to see how these wonderful ladies spent their last month of 2017. And please, let's start off the year with love- leave us all a little love on our pages. We enjoy the feedback and the ego stroke too. <3

There is a lot happening in 2018 for me, so PLEASE keep checking back. Monthly blog circles, client posts and many other posts to come as well. I look forward to seeing where this year takes us!

-Erin Berry, Photographer

Ps. What do you think they were planning in this shot?&nbsp;

Ps. What do you think they were planning in this shot? 

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