Dear Lucas,

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Oh my sweet Lucas. How is it already 4 years since you have entered my life? Your father and I knew from the very beginning you were going to be a trouble maker. My labor was fast, intense, on a full moon and in the middle of a nor'easter. There was no doubt that you were determined to test us and push our family to our limits. 

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That is exactly what you did. I can't count the number of trips to the ER and urgent care I've had with you in these 4 short years. From allergy related ones, to the normal "my kid ate a lego" ones.... I'm pretty surprised we've made it this far with all your bones intact. (For now, I am sure). 

You are so headstrong and have this insane certainty of what you want out of your life. You definitely know what you want and exactly how to get it. You are your momma through and through. I feel so lucky to have a child that is so much like me I can predict his every move, but also scared at the same time. I know the struggles that lie ahead for you. I also know you are going to make it through fantastically. 

I am constantly in awe that although you are so set in your ways, you are always the first to compromise when someone's feelings are hurt. You have this shy, timid side to you that shows in times that most surprise me. You have these two polar opposite sides of your personality that you seem to balance perfectly. Something I look to you to learn for myself. Yes. Me. Mama, at 30 years old, is trying to learn something from you. 

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I hope you never lose that desire to learn. You find something you love, and you obsess over it and try everything you can to learn every fact possible about it. Please, never lose that. You have a drive to just learn and do everything, that I only see in the most successful adults- like your father. You have learned and picked up on that from him. 

My little Lukasaurus, please stay little- and if you absolutely insist on growing up, PLEASE stay just the way you are now. Headstrong, kind, compassionate and caring. You'll go far with those traits in life. 

Happy birthday my 4 year old. May this year be full of new adventures and excitement for you, and less trips to the ER for me!

Love you always,


P.S. Never doubt Mom and Dad's love for you. You are our last baby. You are the child that we've almost lost to food allergies. You are so special to us and our family. You are the child whose life I had to save. You are forever my baby. My last baby. Even when I am long gone.

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