February 5-on-5: Yet ANOTHER birthday

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Ok, you caught me. it's actually the 8th. Yeah, my amazing little group of inspiring photographers and I all kind of, well, really dropped the ball. Hey, its been a rough winter full of colds, flus, celebrations, school, weather.... You name it, I've probably gone through it this winter. So please forgive us and keep reading and circling around. 

Wait, I'm forgiven? You are actually still reading? Oh thank goodness. You are seriously the best. 

So, in our house, September is the start of non stop celebrations. We have the first day of school, Hubby's birthday, then Halloween, my oldest's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Valentine's Day, then my youngest's birthday, Easter and my wedding anniversary. Then nothing from May til September. 

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This year I celebrated my 30th birthday. It was a big deal but I kept it low key. Opting to go thrift store shopping with hubs and then downing a bottle of Merlot and playing drunk Mario Kart. (Yeah, I am so classy.) 

But more importantly this month is my youngest kiddo's birthday. I don't exactly know why but it totally seems to hit me like a ton of bricks each year. Maybe because for some reason, him and I have this weird connection I don't have with my oldest, maybe it's because he is my last baby and he is just becoming an adult right in front of me. 

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This year he seems to have it particularly hard with sharing his day with Valentine's day. He's coming to the realization that every year, his birthday isn't just his. Every year, he will be busy celebrating all the love that surrounds him as will everyone else. When really, it should be his day. 

It definitely isn't going to get any easier for him as he gets older. Anyone he dates will know he can't forget Valentine's day- because it's his birthday. I hope he is smart enough to find someone that is willing to put that holiday aside and celebrate my little man. 

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So here's to nearing the end of our family's holiday/celebration season (THANK GOD), and on to a more quieter time in our household. Please don't forget to check out Margaret Albaugh {Spokane Family Photographer}  and she what kept her from posting on time this month too! 

I'd love to promise you that next month's will be on time, but hey, there is only so much I can do. 

Until then,

Erin Berry, Photographer

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