Mr. Carter

Dear Mr. Carter,

You have no clue how lucky you really are. You are so close to meeting the most beautiful mommy. You are going to be spoiled rotten with probably everything you could ever dream of, and I am fairly certain that between your mom and dad, aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas, you may never actually be put down until you turn 4. 

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I've known your momma since 2014. She was one of the girls that I didn't want to like, but I couldn't resist. She is too bubbly, happy and talkative to not fall in love with. I have been so lucky to be there to photograph your mom and dad's engagement, their announcement of your arrival and now this last fleeting moment before you get to sleep in her arms. I can tell you, she has waited and waited and hoped for you. She has done so many things to ensure your arrival here. I hope you can always remember that. Even in the hard times when you grow up and realize us "old folks" are full of it. She is still there, loving you, supporting you and so overjoyed she is lucky enough to have you.


Oh and let's not forget about Dad. I saw his face light up during our photo session to announce your arrival. I can't wait to see how he looks at you when you are here. He is already proud of you. You are so lucky to have a Dad as hard working, caring and as funny as he is. Seriously kiddo- you won the jackpot for parents. 


So little man, I will leave you with this. Your parents are not perfect. (I mean, they are Eagles and Steeler's fans after all...) but what is perfect, is the bond the three of you are going to have. Be patient with Mom and Dad while they learn which cries mean what, and don't get too mad at Mom if she eats something that makes your milk taste funny. Be prepared to kid- I can guarantee at some point they won't get your diaper on fast enough and you'll probably pee all over yourself (and the wall, the dog, mom, dad...), but I bet if you smile at them right after- I am POSITIVE they won't be upset. 

Only a little bit longer Mr. Carter, and you get to witness the beauty that is your family. It's a great one. 

Until I can snuggle you,

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