Justin & Megan- March 31, 2018


I feel like I can take some time to write up this post about this amazing wedding I was asked to play such an important part of. 

On March 31, 2018 a very long time friend of mine, that thanks to Facebook [woot!] we reconnected, married her soul mate. Megan and I have known each other since either of us could really remember. My mom and her dad worked together and we often got to see each other over dinners and even had kindergarten together. In fact, I vividly remember her older brother constantly teasing me and trying to make me cry. [I can say, he hasn't changed all that much over the years... have you Matty?!]

For real though, Justin and Megan are so perfect together. He calms her crazy and she brings out the more wild side in him. I don't think I have seen a couple so meant to be. The wedding was insanely beautiful and every detail meticulously placed. I was completely envious over her entire day. 

I will say, Justin is a brave man heading into Megan's family. He really is going to have his hands full there- but he will be laughing the entire way. Megan just fits perfectly into Justin's family. It's almost like she fills this spot that was there this entire time. 


I sincerely wish the very best to Megan & Justin, and I still so thankful to have been asked to be there for their "I Do's". I can't wait to see what the rest of this life has in store for them. 

And also: A HUGE SHOUT OUT and thank you to my second shooter Heike for all her hard work this day too. I have no clue how I would have made it through this day without her. 

Now here comes the fun part for you:

Leave these newlywed's some advice in the comments below. 
Examples to include:

  • Don't bring home a puppy 2 weeks before the wedding. [True story]
  • Always go to bed without being angry.
  • Offer to pay her speeding tickets.
  • Always say goodbye and I love you before you part ways.
  • Don't spend too much at the grocery store. 
  • Get along with your in-laws.

I will make sure to pass the advice and tips along to the happy couple. 

Have fun with the comments! Be sure to check back in a few days for my 5-on-5 post for May, as well some new projects I have been working on. May is a month for more amazing things! 

Until then,

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald