May 5-on-5: A T-Ball Story


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Why did February feel like it was 4 months long and April disappeared in the blink of an eye? Anyone else feeling this weird sense of time warp happening here? April was abnormally busy for us as a family. I usually use April as my "prep for the busyness of summer" month. That did not go as planned this month. 

My oldest has been dragging us to taekwando practice twice a week, my youngest had a specialist doctor appointment (hooray for a tonsillectomy next week), I had various checkups, three- yes THREE dentist appointments, and we've been busy hiking and exploring the outdoors on the weekends. Now we throw in one more sport, because- why the hell not? I totally love rushing through dinner to get to a practice to rush home just in time to try to throw the kids in bed. Seems perfectly logical I would sign up the other kid for a sport as well. 


Ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic. But honestly. most weeks, that is how it feels. Rushed, organized, repetitive chaos. So having to add an obligation to our Sunday afternoons was not really on my to do list. However, I am a momma who loves my kids to the point of exhaustion and near death, so I signed our youngest up for t-ball without missing a beat. 

Let me tell you.

My shy, reserved, anxious, nervous, momma-clinging little boy got to his first practice and barely even kissed me goodbye before running into the dugout full of strange kids and new adults he's never met. This is the same kid that wouldn't even so much as wave to a kid from his class when we ran into him outside of school.  

It's safe to say we found the place where he feels himself. He loved every moment. He can't stop talking about his next practice and if I didn't already have to wash the pizza stains off his #11 [my old softball number, btw] jersey then I am fairly certain it would not have come off him all week. I am still surprised he didn't try to sleep in his hat. 


So here is to a new era in our household.

Full of meals in the car, sports equipment in the trunk, smelly shoes and sweaty kids, but an era full of love, laughter and pure memories. One that I have been looking forward to the most since becoming a mom. 

So give me some advice here (please for the love of wine help) 

How do you handle multiple kids and multiple sports? Do you plan it out so everything is in a different season? Do you survive on stale mcnuggets in the evenings until the season is over?

Leave any help in the comments and then check out Kelly Tuohey Photography, Calgary, AB

Until next month,