Jimmy & Celine- Pittsburgh, PA


I am sitting here trying to figure out how to write this post without crying my eyes out. I have this wonderful opportunity to photograph my best friend's little sister. I have known Celine since she was 7. I never saw her as the annoying little sister that always tried to hang around with us.

She was an extension of my best friend. She was an additional friend. A bonus. 

So many mornings eating her mom's chocolate chip pancakes together (thank you Karen for all the mornings you made these for us, btw), games of charades and Barbies (always trying to make her angry by making the Barbies live alternative lifestyles), and just genuine friendship between us. 


I was thrilled when I was told that Celine met someone. I remember my best friend describing him as something fairly opposite of her but in a way that brought out her best qualities. I could tell from her description of Jimmy, that he was the one

They are planning a fall wedding, but also wanted a spring anniversary. So to reduce the stress on their actual wedding day they got legally married on May 16th and invited me up to photographer the short ceremony and get some "Just Married" portraits to celebrate. I kind of wish I had done it this way. Getting married in a private small setting, and then the big wedding is basically just a big party- and if something goes awry that day, who cares? You are already married! 


I am a little biased that I think they picked the perfect day to get married (my anniversary), but really, the weather was perfect. It was the most beautiful day. I did my best to hold it together while they said their vows, and at least now I know tissues will be a must in the fall. 

After spending a good portion of my day with Jimmy and Celine, I have to say- they are so right for each other. I can see how Jimmy helps Celine relax and let go a little, and I know she has got to keep him on his toes. The mere fact that he has her in love with a dog (who is the sweetest pup I ever got to meet) when she most definitely a cat person, says so much about how much she loves him. 


Jimmy & Celine,

You have so much love between the two of you. It's obvious in your interactions with each other, and it oozes in these photos. I am looking forward to watching you both grow together and learn from each other. Marriage isn't always easy but when you are married to someone you can communicate openly and honestly with, it is much more pleasant. The biggest advice I have from my 9 years experience, is to be each other's "person". Be the one person in the world that you can each go to, that will listen with an open heart and without judgement. If you have that in each other, than you have everything. 

I look forward to seeing you both in the fall,

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