Johnson Family


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This family is so freaking sweet. I've known Mom and son for a few years now. We met when She hired me to photograph his 3rd birthday party. I mean seriously, how has that much time passed already?! 


I've loved watching Mom's family grow over the years. Meeting such an amazing guy and she fits naturally into her role as step-mom to his little girls. After spending time with all of them, I can see how much those girls adore her. 

It's also clear to my how much big brother is in love with his sisters. He is going to be the perfect protector as they all grow up. Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing two families merge so perfectly together- like that is how it was meant to be all along. 


I can not wait to see how close this family gets over the years. They clearly belong together and they deserve all the best thing life can send their way. Speaking of good things coming their way....


... looks like big brother will have another little girl to look after. He is genuinely thrilled about it too. Congratulations Kayla and Matt. I can not wait to see this little girl!

Keep a lookout here for another post once I get a chance to capture this adorable families + 1. 

So until then, go enjoy your weekend (with as must gusto as this sweet thing above!)


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