Photographing Family {York, PA}


My nephew and niece.

I still can't believe they are 2 and 3 already. I still remember meeting my little man and his teeny tiny hand wrapped around my finger. Now he's a bright ball of energy, always asking questions and eager to learn new things. 


He is eager to explore but still apprehensive of anything that moves or crawls. I love watching how expressive this kid is too. I don't any 2 pictures had the same smile in it. 


This little ball of sweetness- well, let's just say she is cute for a reason. She is very determined and knows what she wants, and you best not get in her way. 

I am so grateful to have these two living closer to me know than they were in the past. I have enjoyed seeing them grow and learn and fall in love with them. 


I will never get enough of little curls. I stalked her waiting for her to be still enough to get this shot. 


I also need to add that this location is the most amazing place to shoot too. If you are local and want someone fun, awkward and will talk to your kiddos more than you during a session, hit me up!

(I'll even share my top secret skill to get these kiddos to sit so pretty- just keep scrolling.)



nope... still scroll some more. (I need to test your dedication here before I reveal my secrets.)


ok... here it is:


gummy worms....

works every time. Even for t-rexes.

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