It Takes Two... {Lancaster County, Photographer}

... to take two amazing people, and turn them into amazing parents. 


Seriously, I have some huge props to give to any parent of multiples. I've known this family since before these cute little monsters made their appearance. I watched Mom fly through pregnancy. She made growing two humans at once, look almost easy. (Not to mention her killer body that does an excellent job at hiding any inkling that it once held two babies at once.)

I have been lucky enough to watch Mom and Dad pretty much kill it at the whole parenting gig. They are spectacular parents. Mom is definitely part of my "tribe". She is eager to share not just her wins, but honest about her losses as well. I mean, we've all been there with our own kids, not every day is a winner.  Most days I'll consider a win solely based off if everyone is alive at the end of the day. 

With twins, comes the newfound ability to roll with the punches (especially, if you didn't have it already). This session was only 2 months late from our original schedule date. After sickness, rain, and a car accident (on my end), I finally got my chance to capture these two year old twins. 

And as I captured this perfect shot of this beautiful little girl:


... her handsome little brother was puking behind me. So we called it a day after literally three photos, and waited a little longer. I do always dread having to reschedule sessions, but I do understand that life happens. I would much rather capture images in beautiful light with happy kiddos, than pouring rain and grumpy kids. [But, pouring rain and happy kids sounds like fun too!!] 

In all reality, Mom & Dad- you guys are doing such a fantastic job. I was lucky enough to see how comforted L felt when he had gotten sick, and how loving these siblings were to each other. 

I can see the fearlessness in L. His brain working all the time to push the limits and see what he is capable of. I can see the headstrong nature in C. She is a firecracker waiting for her moment to make her presence known. 

Keep doing whatever you are doing.

You made it to year two. Remember that when the year ahead seems unbearable. The twos are hard. The threes are even worse. In my experience year four is so much fun, but year five feels like you are all of a sudden raising a teenager.

Jackiee and Steve-

You not only made it, you did it in such a way, that it looked natural and beautiful, even in the chaos. 

Keep doing what you are doing, and L & C are going to be amazing humans. 


Check out the rest of this amazing session here, and as always- please contact me for session inspiration, questions, ideas... I am always open to hearing what other people have to say!**


**if it's nice/encouraging/helpful/thoughtful. Don't make me cry. Please. 

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