Letter to a baby... {Lancaster County Photographer}

Hello there baby A. Welcome to the outside. 


Oh you sweet, sweet girl. I wish you knew how excited everyone was to meet you. From Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, SO MANY cousins, and even me. 

Your mom and I go way back.

Like, 25 years back. When we first met in Kindergarten. We used to run around the playground making the boys chase after us. (Boys have cooties, remember that until you are 25.) Then one winter day, my mom took me to my Uncle's house (he was recently, I believed, married) and there was your mom, sledding in the front yard. I am pretty sure our conversation went something like:

 'Why are you at my Uncle's house?'
'This is my mom's house.

Yep, friends in school turned out to be cousins.

Can you get better luck at 5 years old?! 


I've been thrilled that with the power of the internet (yes, little A, it didn't ALWAYS exist), that I was able to reconnect with your mom after we had lost contact when my uncle and your grandma split up. I have loved watching your mom get through adult life. Being authentic about how hard it gets some days, and willing to put her honesty out there when most days it seems like everyone else around you is succeeding. It's a value in you mother that you will cherish so deeply. 


I saw your mom get married, buy a house, adopt an adorable bunny, Shadow (he might be a little jealous of all your newfound attention, but I still think he loves you just the same.), and finally announce that you were delightfully expected. 

I saw your mom fall so naturally into the role of Mom. Trust me little A, that is not always the case. Maybe it was all the experience she had with your cousins, or perhaps it was something she was born with. More than likely it is a lot of both. 


Now, I know this post has been all about Mom, but Dad is outstanding too. I haven't gotten to know him that well, other than through the stories you mom has told me. The way she talks about him I can tell, you are the luckiest girl alive. Your dad is so smart, so loving, seems to me, to be super goofy and ridiculous at times (the BEST quality to have in a Dad), and loves you and your mother so so much. Not to mention, you look SO much like him already. 

Little A, I wish for you all the qualities of your mom and dad.


They are both amazing people. They will love you unconditionally. They will be your biggest cheerleaders in life. Most importantly, they will ALWAYS be there for you. You will move mountains sweet girl. I can feel it already. 

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