August 5-on-5: A Date with My Dog {Lancaster, PA Photographer}

Welcome to the last month of Summer here in Pennsylvania.

I have absolutely no clue how we are already at this point. As with all my 5-on-5 posts please be sure to grab some tea or coffee and head on over to the fabulous Momma Got Soul Photo & Films, {Kelly Haymes, Tampa family photographer} to see what story her 5 images tell this month. 

So for my story...

I was looking forward to a summer full of relaxing fun and limited time that is scheduled out but unfortunately our summer had other plans. We were swamped with to-do lists, vacations, activities and general chaos. The weeks I was looking forward to just sitting back and relaxing ended up even crazier and more chaotic than our busy weeks. 

I felt so bad for our doggo who hasn't gotten much quality fun time with us as a family, so I decided it was time she deserved a little day date with me and my youngest son. 

We recently had to purchase a new-to-us car after a car accident totaled my beloved Altima, and the week and a half we spent car shopping hinged on us finding a car that could fit all of us and the dog comfortably. Yes, we shopped for a car to make sure the dog had her own seat. I guess we are officially a dog family now. Long story short we ended up purchasing a Subaru Forester, and I am absolutely in love with her. 

Clearly, she loves the upgrade as much as the rest of us. 

Clearly, she loves the upgrade as much as the rest of us. 

So we ventured out to the dog park where I can let her run her heart out. She is a very high energy pup, but will also sleep all day if we let her. The one thing she loves probably more than me, is her tennis ball. She is a dog obsessed. She will play all day as long as she finds someone that is willing to throw it. I wish we had a larger fenced in yard for her, but for now she is treated to a ride to her free space. 

We spent a good hour there throwing her ball and letting her run. She might be high energy, but with such a large area, usually she is ready to rest after three or four throws. 

Now, that is one happy puppy.

Now, that is one happy puppy.

I think my favorite part of the dog park is when the kids come with us and race the dog to her ball. Majority of the time the four legged one wins, but really mom is the one that ultimately wins because I end up with a worn out dog and exhausted kiddos. 

After the dog park, we decided to treat our puppy to a bath at a local pet store. She's never the biggest fan, but I think she was thankful for the rest and chance to cool down inside after all her playing. 


This morning date with my pup was a nice reminder to both of us that she is a very important part of our family. It feels almost cruel to say out loud, but I had a hard time really connecting with her. She came into our lives a few months after we had to put my very first pet to sleep, a cat, Peanut. I never connected to another animal the way I have with Peanut. I am definitely more of a cat person, but there is something about our dog that brings our family together. 

Sure, she is crazy. Refusing to pee or poop outside in the rain, avoids walking on wet grass, prefers to sleep under the covers with me essentially spooning me at night, barks at almost anything, and I am certain she has no clue she is an animal since she prefers to sit on the furniture instead of the floor. She is also protective of my boys, protective of me and seems to know just when I need her. 

Here is to more dates with the dog.

More dates showering her with love and thanks for being just as weird and quirky as the rest of our family. More quality time to strengthen our bond. I know it'll never be what I had with my Peanut, and that is ok. She is special in so many different ways. 

Don't think that just because you don't have kids, or aren't engaged, or are not having a significant life event that you don't deserve to treat yourself to a photography session. Talk to me and we can schedule a special session for you and your furry, feathery, even scale-y kiddos. 

Again, don't forget to check out Momma Got Soul Photo & Films, {Kelly Haymes, Tampa family photographer} and see what beautiful story she has to share. Enjoy the rest of your summer (if you are in the states) and give a bit of love to your four-legged friend, from me.

Erin Berry, Photographer.

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