May 5 on 5: Documentary Photography

So last weekend my husband decided to splurge and treat the kids and I to an overnight trip to the beach. We knew it wasn't going to be warm enough to swim, but the kids prefer the sand anyway. We spent the first day walking the beach and getting our toes wet. 


I was genuinely surprised when both my boys ran to the waves edge without hesitation as last year they were both very afraid. I love when we take repeat vacations to places. It suddenly becomes so clear to me how much they have grown in a year. 


After dinner we went back to the sand for seashell hunting. We ended up coming back to the hotel with pockets full of sand and shells. The boys were excited to sleep on a pull out couch and of course were hard to get to sleep. (Vacations are for staying up late right?!)

In the morning we played a little in the hotel until we went to breakfast. It was amazing to wake up and walk out to the balcony overlooking the ocean. Instant good mood right there. Hubby got ready while the boys pretended to play restaurant on the balcony. 

After breakfast we spent some more time on the sand. If you have netflix, there is a show on there called Miraculous. It's a French originated series about a high school girl who is a secret superhero, Ladybug. My youngest absolutely loves it. He was over the moon when he found this ladybug on the beach. He picked her up as gently as he could and walked a good ten mins oh-so-carefully while she crawled around his hand. 

My oldest recently learned about wind and kites in school so we had planned to bring their kites with us on our trip to help him see how high a kite could really fly. We get a good breeze at home for kites but nothing like the beach and needless to say they were amazed. 

I'm totally loving it now that the kids are older and it's more feasible to do short notice trips like this. I love that I can bring my camera along to document trips like this as well. I would love to eventually tag along a vacation with another family and just document their whole trip. 

Now that you've made it to the end, please check out Stephanie Woodward (Utah Documentary Family Photographer/ Videographer) and see what story her images tell this month. (c'mon... it's Friday, you know you want to keep reading and have that second cup of coffee. ;))

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