The Four Under Four Club | Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

Sometimes, the best things in life turn out to be surprises.

Especially when you are a mom of three spunky girls- four year old twins and a one year old- and you get the surprise of a lifetime with expecting a beautiful baby boy.

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

I didn’t have much time to get to know Colby, but the little time I have spent with her has shown me she is is a natural and loving mother. She seems to handle four kids four and under like it is normal everyday life. I mean, I can barely make it until 9 am without looking like a frazzled mess each day.

Having preschoolers is tough.

They are self-aware, want to be self-sufficient, and think that they know everything in the world.

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

Having toddlers is tough.

They are curious, mobile and are still learning how to express everything they feel

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

Having a newborn is tough.

They eat, sleep and cry. They don’t understand the concept of waiting.

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

I simply can’t imagine, having all of these at the same time.

Colby seems to handle it with ease. Walking into her home, there was the normal chaos that any home with four kids would bring, but there was a level of calmness and love in that home that is unmatched.

This little boy is going to grow up surrounded by so much love, it is unreal. His sister’s are going to be his protectors for sure. I can already see the love they have for him shining through.

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer


Though we didn’t have much time to chat and get to know one another, I do want to say, that from my perspective, you are absolutely doing amazing at being a mom to these four kiddos. Never lose sight of that. The twins are just the most spunky, adorable, sweet girls I have met, and I was mesmerized by their ability to communicate to each other. Your youngest daughter has a soul full of fire, and she is a determined little girl. These types are so hard to parent (trust me, I know) but they are the ones that end up doing amazing things in life. Your amazing little guy is already so laid back and comfortable with his home, that I think he is going to be such a sweet, compassionate and compromising young man. You are doing so well, and these kiddos love you so so much.

Dallastown, PA Family Photographer

Any other parents out there parenting four under four?

Tell me below, how are you living day to day?! Do you have any amazing secrets to share?