From Barbies to Bouquets | Pittsburgh, PA Wedding


I think the best part of my job is getting the chance to document major milestones for people I have known for practically my entire life.

When I was first asked if I would be willing to photograph Celine and Jimmy’s wedding, I was all but crying. I mean, I have known Celine since she was in 1st grade. Which is surreal when I think about it. I mean, my oldest is only a year younger than she was when we met. I don’t know if that makes me feel old or excited that my kid has the distinct possibility of meeting someone now, that he will know the rest of his life.

I think reality set in pretty soon after that. I am going to be responsible to work a wedding for someone I love like family. I feel like I have a harder time looking objectively at my work when it’s for family. The personal connection makes me about a billion times more critical of my work.

In May, Celine and Jimmy decided to make their marriage legal in a small courthouse ceremony in Pittsburgh. So Instead of the standard engagement session, I got to head up to document this special moment between the two of them.

Then came September. All the planning and preparations for their day they were sharing with their friends and family. The entire was was perfect. Every detail worked out perfectly. Even the groomsman that had fallen ill with a stomach bug that morning managed to pull himself together to be present at the ceremony. (Seriously…. props to him!)

The church was simply stunning. Stained glass everywhere and gorgeous woodwork. The weather was simply perfect, the golden fall light coming through the trees made their portraits amazing to shoot. The reception felt like home. No assigned seating, games to play outside, and a home like atmosphere inside. At the end of the night, one of the groomsman set off some killer fireworks to send off the couple in a spectacular way.


Getting the unique opportunity to watch someone go from playing charades in her living room (our favorite ones to act out: poinsettia, constipation, and our elementary school principal), to putting on this stunning wedding dress and looking nothing short of a princess- is something I won’t soon forget.

Though they did things a little unorthodox, I think it’s a main reason why the big day went to smoothly. I mean, September was for fun, to celebrate, a lot of the stress was out of the picture. Plus, you really cant’t beat the fact that they essentially have two wedding anniversaries. (Smartest thing ever.)

So this post comes a little late but Celine and Jimmy, I hope your first Christmas together as husband and wife is magical and full of the same love and light I saw on your wedding day(s). Thank you so much for inviting me to play such an important role in documenting one of the biggest moments in life.