July 5-on-5: Unplugged Family Time {Raystown Lake, PA}

So here we are, smack in the middle of summer vacation in the US.

I can't believe we are already about halfway through our summer vacation already. This month's blog circle should be filled with amazingly fun stories, and maybe some inspiration for summer fun of your own. When you finish here, please head over to my good friend Kelly at Momma Got Soul  and see what fun her family had in June. 

May was such an insanely stressful month for our family. Between school ending, surgery, sickness and work, I feel like the entire month was a blur. My wonderful husband thought ahead when he booked our June camping trip to Raystown Lake. Our site had no running water, no electricity-nothing. Just a gorgeous view of the lake, trails to hike and things to explore. Unplugging for a few days was exactly what we needed to regroup and prepare for the rest of summer. 

(I say 'prepare' here, because with two very curious, high energy kiddos, summer is a challenge in our house.) 


We set up camp in the rain, and slept on a hill- so most of our night was spent waking up to readjust our sliding sleeping bags. Even the worst night sleep doesn't take away from how amazing it was to wake up and cuddle the boys in our tent as the sun rose and water splashed on the rocks outside our tent. In a blink, they are going to be too old to crawl in and cuddle up with us. This is the summer it's all hitting me.


Foggy and dreary on day two, we used the weather as an excuse to explore two local caves. Our oldest is a mini geologist and was in heaven seeing the stalactites and stalagmites. He is now on the hunt at home for a place where he can dig and find his own cave. 


Vacation called for smore's pretty much all day long, so though I am back to trying to lose the pounds I packed on during our vacation, it was worth every ounce to see how excited the boys were to eat marshmallows for morning snack. 

Day three was nice enough we packed up and headed out for a hike. I was finally excited to use my new hydration backpack, and go trek. The boys did fantastic fighting through the mud, steep downward hill, and four and a half miles. We found a frog, a surprise beach, and garter snake swimming in the water. My husband and I almost got killed by a falling branch, and the kids laughed. (Hey, at least we are ok, right?)

Untitled-11 (2).jpg

After our hike it was finally warm enough to let the boys play in the lake. Hubby was amazing enough to get dinner going over the fire while the boys and I played, splashed, laughed and looked for treasures to bring home with us from our trip. 

The last day it was raining (again) and we packed up and headed back home to our running water and powered devices. I would love to say that we adjusted to life without, but it totally isn't true. I enjoy drinking my morning coffee while the kids zone out with their dry cereal and PBS Kids. I'm pretty PBS has saved lives with their ability to occupy my kids long enough to finish my coffee hot. 


Our next vacation together isn't until the week before school starts, so I am not trying to wish it here. (I am so not ready to have a kindergartner.) However, I foresee a few weekend camping adventures in our future. 

What are your plans, this summer?

Are you starting any new traditions, continuing your childhood traditions (camping was one of mine), or just stay-cationing it all summer long?

Let me know below and then check out Momma Got Soul Photography to see what Kelly had going on last month.. 

Happy Summer Exploring,

Erin Berry, Photographer

P.s. So, this post is supposed to only have 5 images in it, but word has it if you scroll down there is a super secret, sneaky slideshow with more photos from our vacation. But don't tell the others. I have really loved being in this project with these wonderful photographers. ;)


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