...and I thought September was busy...

I have no clue how November snuck up on me like this.

For my monthly blog circle, it is usually really clear to me what I will share. October though, brought so many travels, adventures and things to do, that for once, I am at a loss.

Not to mention it is November 5th, as I write this and these posts are supposed to by posted and live by the 5th.

My excuse:

I am a photographer, and it’s fall.

Don’t mistake this as complaining, because I am so blessed to be so busy this year it is unreal. This is my second fall in business and I am amazed and shocked by everything that is happening right now.

So this month’s post is short on words, but big on adventures.

Be sure to check out Amy Thelen, Portland OR Documentary Photographer to see what has kept her attention in October!

October started like this:

Got a chance to photograph a gorgeous wedding for a long time friend of mine.


We took a trip to a friends house who recently moved about 2 hours away.

She was also amazing enough not to judge me when I fell asleep on her couch in the afternoon. (That’s real friendship people.)


I taught a class on Crafty Creativity- using everyday objects to create in camera effects.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hopefully teaching it again!


I took a walk in Harrisburg with a new friend to take a quick mental break from client shooting.


I got the opportunity to take photos for this family for the second year in a row.


A glimpse at my trip to NYC:


A trip to Baltimore with just my hubby and I for a much needed night away.


And of course… my kids favorite: Trick or Treat.

Speaking of, if you joined my email tribe, I sent out some tips for getting the best possible trick or treat night photos, and I would LOVE to hear back if you tried any of the tips and if they worked! Not part of my tribe yet? Click here to join!


Can you guess who was what? {answer: Owen Grady & a purple lego}



I would put a sort of call to action here or some food for thought. This month I will just leave you with this: If you are friends with a photographer and haven’t heard from them for awhile, it may be time to check in. Make sure they are eating, breathing, etc. Drop off a bottle of wine, offer a back rub while they edit, bring them food, take their kids for a few hours…

November is bringing me some more amazing adventures, and I look forward to sharing them with you soon, so stick around. Until then: Join my email tribe here {quarterly email with tips, advice, and some stellar deals only for subscribers}. If you are interested in a non-traditional photo shoot capturing your holiday traditions, click here.

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