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Guys, this family is seriously the CUTEST. I've known Mom for about 6 years (I think?!), and we met when my hubby worked with her. She was always one to be smiling and laughing, and let me just say, her wedding was a BLAST. 

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Is that a couple in love or what?! Fast forward a few years, and even though her and my hubby do not work together anymore, we've still kept in touch. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, we have been able to keep in touch sharing stories about being "boy moms". 

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Let me tell you, Mom and Dad have their hands full with these two. I might put this as my hardest session of the year- but still one of the most fun. I am not shy to bribery and this shot may have cost me a whole bag of cookies and ten minutes of running up and down a hill, but was so worth it. 

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And now, let's just stop to look at this photo. This photo is the heart and soul of why I love what I do. Big brother sits down, crosses his legs, and cradles his pumpkin with a big adorable smile. As I am I am about the click the shutter his brother shoves his cute little bum in his brother's face. Seriously, this is so perfect.

Mom and Dad, 

If you print that photo and hang it on your wall, I beg you, PLEASE show me. Your boys are so sweet, stubborn, full of life and are going to be as awesome as you both are. Brothers are tough. When they aren't joined at the hip they are trying to kill each other, and I can't tell you that will ever get better, but I can tell you you'll see more and more love coming from between them every day. You'll start hearing more giggles and less crying, and eventually some silence as they share secrets you'll never be apart of. It will both break and warm your heart at the same time. Cherish those moments. You'll blink and they are going to be moving out of college.

I promise you guys got this parenting thing down,

Erin Berry, Photographer

P.S. How am I so lucky to keep getting the most beautiful clients out there?!

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