Fellow Storytellers...


The why....

I love inspiration.

Finding inspiration, seeing others find their own inspiration, being an inspiration, seeing others realize they are an inspiration.  

I believe in community over competition.

Keeping secrets and isolation never helps anyone. As a photographer, I am part of a community- a very, very large one at that. Without this community, I know I would not be where I am at today in my journey. As a mom, woman, business owner, mental illness survivor- I am part of even more communities. All of these communities have lifted me up, provided me support and cheered me on when I needed it.

I am committed to giving back to all my communities.

Give love to get love, together we all succeed, and all the other cheesy cliche lines about working together. I am committed to living it and embracing it everyday. So join me. Fellow photographer or not. Let's celebrate our communities- big and small- that have applauded our successes and helped us up after our failures. Let's be more open to sharing, co-working and giving back.

I'm a giver. What's mine is yours.* 


*(Except my coffee. Don't touch that.)

The who/what/where...

WHO: For my community of talented, amazing, beautiful storytellers, photographers and moment seekers.

WHAT: Let's build a community based on sharing, learning and friendship instead of showing off, secrets and competition. 

WHERE: Here. Facebook. Instagram. Email. Phone. Reach out to me in anyway you feel comfortable. I am happy to share what I have learned, what places I have found helpful, even my camera settings, post processing and anything in between.

And if you are local to me, check out Lancaster County Photography Meetup Group. Or hit me up and we can grab a cup of coffee. 

I haven't officially started offering mentoring, but if it's something you are interested in, please- contact me. 

Last but not least- I am usually up for trading sessions with other photographers or featuring work on my page. I really want to help lift up the community that can sometimes be fairly cut throat. I count myself lucky that right off the bat I found amazing groups of fellow artists that have been such a great support to me. I need to share this love and pay it forward. 

After all...

Supporting another’s success won’t dampen your own.
— Jenna Kutcher


What I do has to feel good, or what’s the fucking point?
— Gala Darling

So now...

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