Mental Health Series #8

Some days are better than others. On my manic days I have more than enough energy to not only keep up with my toddlers but to have them asking me if they can rest. I'm happy those days mostly. Those are usually my hardest days food wise. I don't feel like I have time to sit and eat, or I just get too busy and plain forget.

On this particular day, I had a breakfast bar in the am, a snack size chocolate bar and one peanut butter cup. Then I needed to keep moving, so I impulsively took a six mile hike. It was almost 80 degrees and I was still wearing a sweater because I never stopped to change. The hike I took was the equivalent of 76 floors, and 15k steps. I burned about 3k calories.

I came home and cooked dinner, I did actually eat two helpings too, but it was not near enough to meet the calorie deficit I had made. I ended my day with about 500 calories in and almost 4k calories out. That is the unhealthy side to my hypomania. At this point that is the most unhealthy it was gotten. I am trying my hardest to watch it and not allow this to happen again. I fully believe I can manage this side without the medication. I don't think every day will be a win- and certainly I am going to fail again, but I need to be honest with myself when I do fail. So I can correct it the next day.

Erin BerryComment