Mental Health Series #9

The other side to the hypomania is the crash. The few days where my mind and body have to shut down to play catch up from the week where it went non stop. Those are the worst days. Those are the days the mom guilt is the worst. 

On my "crash days" I call them, I don't want to be touched. I need a bubble of safety that is mine alone. How in the world can you explain that to two preschoolers? All they want are snuggles. Those are the times I am so thankful for my support network. My mother, my mother in law, my husband and my neighbors- they all help more than I could ever thank them for. 

My hope in exposing my children to these swings is that they will grow up with an awareness of mental illness and have a better ability to be compassionate for all the invisible illnesses.

Erin BerryComment