Mental Health Series #10

So I've reached the point in the series where I've pretty much told most of my story. I still have so many images to share. The posts might be more sporadic going forward. I may save them for when I have more stories to share. As of now, I do plan on continuing the series and sharing. Mental disorders do not go away. The symptoms may improve and things may seem better, but the disorder is still there. I'm coming to terms that I will always be bipolar. I will always be anxious. I might eventually be able to manage the feelings better but the disorder will always be there. I was most likely born with it- sometimes it takes a life event to trigger it. I know going forward in my life there are going to be times where I am functioning normally, and there might be a year or two I am struggling. 

The key for me is to recognize these times and seek out what I need to get through. I also understand this is hard for those around me to understand. Just because I am having a good week doesn't mean I am "fixed". It was a good week. Enjoy it the way I enjoy my good weeks. On my bad weeks just be patient with me, please.

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