Mental Health Series #11

Music is a source of release for me. It's cathartic and overly emotional. If it was up to me I would spend all day with headphones in my ears and music blaring. 

Sometimes its a way to cheer myself up. Sometimes its to find something to help me wallow in my feelings. Regardless of the reason, it helps me through anything. Not a day goes by I don't wish I could sing. It certainly wasn't a gift that was given to me. I was however gifted with the ability to just be in the music. More than just listening. I can fall deep into a song. Almost see the lyrics unfold in front of me. 

A lot of my images, in this series and just in general have been inspired by a song. I started a journal the other week where I write down quotes and lyrics I can relate to or that speak to me. It is my way of journaling. It's actually now evolving into a point of inspiration for future photos.

Erin BerryComment