Poem From a Tired Mother

So when I was in high school, I used to journal and write poetry quite often. I was never very good at it, but something about getting my thoughts down on paper felt cathartic. 

I don't know why, but the other night I felt the need to get it all down again, and because one of my ideals for my business is to capture life as it is, I want to share it here. Life is hard some days. It can be messy and full of tears, but also full of love and laughter. My goal is to share all of it. Here. Open honest and real. So here goes nothing.

Poem From a Tired Mother

Once the kids are
finally asleep 
and everything is
the guilt kicks in.

Was I understanding enough?
Was I kind enough?
Did I teach them anything today?
Is the house clean enough?
Did they eat healthy enough?
Do they think I am a good mom?
Did I build them up with my words or tear them down today?
Am I a good spouse?
Do I work too much?
Am I on my phone too much?
Am I a good enough friend?
Do I listen enough?
Am I too selfish?

...Sometimes, the quiet time is what I need,
I crave,
I look forward too...
Other nights I struggle to fall asleep just waiting
for the noise of the morning 
to drown out 
my endless thoughts.

This all flowed out of despite having a fantastic day at home, reading the kids books, seeing my five year old write his first sentence and my four year old asking a million questions about life. 

Something spilled out of me like word vomit. I don't know why it chose that night, but I hope that if it wasn't for me, it was for you. 

Parenting is hard. Being an adult is hard. Being alive is hard. But we have all made it this far, so let's keep going- together. 

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