My Mission

I love stories. Stories about the past, stories about the now, stories about where we want to be in life, ones about the monotonous every day, ones that evoke the strongest emotions, and the stories that highlight the incredible.

I believe these stories are important to our society. I believe that capturing these stories on camera ensures that they will live on long after us. After all, words can change over time; and image is frozen forever. These images will allow the next generation to learn from our successes, our shortcomings, our mistakes and our love.

I am committed to capturing these stories, not only with honesty and integrity but with beauty. Even the most mundane story is beautiful and deserves to be told. I invite you to tell me your story, and in return all me to capture it in all it's beauty- no matter how calm or chaotic that beauty may be.

Your story is important. Your story is worthy. Your story is beautiful


My Goals

I love inspiration. I look for inspiration in everything I do- from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime.

I believe in community over competition. Keeping secrets and isolating yourself has never proven to be helpful.  

I am committed to giving back to all my communities. Whether it is my local community, my global community or all the small subset communities I interact with, I believe you have to give love to get love.

I want my story to be one that is centered around love, giving and authenticity.


“I put my heart and soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process”

— Vincent Van Gogh

My Personality (summed up into 4 parts)


I am best described as an introverted extrovert. In case you are wondering what that means, it comes down to this- I love being near people. I need interaction with other adult humans to make my soul feel good, but too much of it- or when I have to initiate conversation and run the show, exhausts me completely.


I am an artist, a soul seeker, a coffee addict, and an open book. I am obsessed with yoga. Music is a very emotional experience for me. Once I find something I am passionate about, there is no stopping me. (My husband has learned this the hard way.)


I am a mental health advocate. I am bipolar ii warrior. I am a safe place to go to and talk. I am a big believer in breaking the stigma of mental health disorders. It’s a diagnosis, not a label.


The older I get the more I learn that the only thing in life that matters is honesty, authenticity and love. My social anxiety can get the best of me at times but having the ability to be authentically myself has been the best way for me to ease my anxiety and fight through life.