Erin Berry, Photographer
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Stories about Love

Whether you are dating, engaged, having a wedding, or already a family- love is such a central part to all of our stories. It's a theme of life everyone can connect to. Documenting those moments of true love is so much fun. Trust me with your love story and you'll have it captured authentically and with passion. 


Stories about babies

Central PA Newborn Photographer

Who doesn't love a good story about a growing family?

Baby stories can be the sweetest and most emotional stories. From the first announcement, to gender reveal, from the last few days of pregnancy to the first few hours after birth- stories that are treasured for years after they are captured.

Stories about growing up

Time is probably the only thing not on our side. Growing up seems to happen in the blink of an eye. One minute that little doe eyed baby is rolling over and the next they are in a cap and gown heading towards their adult future. Suddenly the things you swore you would never forget, fade from memory, and though you know it happened you just can't place your self back in that moment. 


Stories about empowerment

Central PA Children Photographer

These are probably my most favorite stories of all.

Stories about strength, resilience and beauty. These stories tend to come from personal projects of mine, as well as volunteer work I try to continue to do within Central PA. Empowerment stories range from boudoir sessions to mental health advocacy sessions to my work within Beauty Revived.