Think variety!

  1. Look in your closet for things you already have. Not every item has to be sexy, slinky lingerie.

    • I recommend bringing at least one bra and panties set.

      • Bra tip for those a B cup or smaller: Find a bra with lace around the top of the cup- it will make you look a whole size bigger in photos.  

    • Bring a few things- think simple sets to strappy complicated nighties. The more variety you bring the more variety of photos you’ll have to choose from.

    • Look for a see through or lacy blouse, a swimsuit cover, cozy sweater you can pull off your shoulders, even a crop top can look adorable with panties.

    • If you are shopping for an outfit specifically for your shoot:

      • Babydoll outfits are great on every figure. They accentuate your chest and the loose fitting skirt can flatter and conceal that dreaded stomach area.

      • Corsets are a great piece for women with a curvier figure because their form fitting fabric accentuates the waist and exaggerates cleavage.

      • Little lacy dress is a great choice for looking sexy and classy without being too risque.

      • Vintage high waisted undies are so in right now! It gives a whole different look to a shoot and the high waist can help conceal any problem areas around the hips (and that dreaded mom pouch).

  2. Look for something that belongs to your significant other. A button up shirt, a tie, a t shirt, sports jersey… don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A simple t shirt with some knee highs and heels would look so relaxed and sultry.

  3. Think outside the box. Not everything has to be black and lacy. If you are more into bright colors, wear that! More of a sports girl? Bring a sports bra! You want these photos to reflect you and your personality. Even more outside the box- if you and your significant other share a fetish, don’t be afraid to bring that into the photos as well. (No need for embarrassment- there isn’t much I haven’t seen.)

  4. Don’t forget those legs. Fishnet stockings, thigh highs and garters... and shoes. Do not forget those killer heels. The best rule of thumb for this- the higher the better. 3 inches or more. Don’t worry about clumsiness- you won’t be walking in them. Nude heels go with everything, and black ones are a good staple piece. Also keep in mind anything that is strappy, studded or with bling- they make great statement pieces as well. Stay away from wedges or platforms though.

  5. JEWELRY! Look for long necklaces that can lay down along your cleavage. Rings and earrings can add some color and flare to the photos as well.


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How to Prepare:

  1. Do bring extras. Sometimes things happen and maybe there is a run in your stockings when you get prepared to shoot. You are paying for this session, you want to make sure your photos are perfect. Also be sure to bring some makeup with you as well. Never know when you need a quick touch up!

  2. Spend time before the shoot trying stuff on. A lot of us bought that sexy lingerie a few years back and it was used a few times and sat in the closet since. Check the fit before your shoot. You don’t want the fit too loose or too tight as that can lead to a less flattering photo. If you are trying to keep the budget low and shop out of your closet bring a few choices with you. The day of your shoot you want to feel sexy, confident and on top of the world- trust me, those feelings show through in the photos. If your closet just isn’t doing it for you, use this shoot as an excuse to go shopping. Treat yourself- you absolutely deserve it.

  3. Wear loose clothing to the shoot. As crazy as it sounds, I always recommend not wearing a bra, socks, jeans, belt or really anything that is going to leave an impression on your skin. It might seem insignificant, but those lines can take away from amazing outfit you worked so hard on picking out.

  4. WATER! Yes, it is normally very important but especially before your shoot. Drink up! The more water you drink the less bloat you will have the day of the shoot. It also adds a beautiful glow to your skin as well. Avoid salt and alcohol leading up to the shoot. These will dehydrate you.

  5. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not spray tan. Or lotion tan. Or gel tan…. Even if it looks natural to you I promise it will look orange in the photos. If you want that sun-kissed glow, pay for a professional tanning bed (but avoid those tan lines).

  6. Touch up the basics- if you dye your hair get the roots touched up. Splurge on a mani/pedi (but keep it simple and classic- you don’t want those nails getting the spotlight here). Shave or wax the day of the shoot (but if you’ve never waxed before, now is not the time to try. Don’t risk a rash or reaction the day of your shoot).

  7. Last  but not least... RELAX. Send me your favorite music that helps you feel flirty and sexy so I can have it ready for you.  Bring some candles or perfume that helps you relax and feel your best. Want some wine to help lose some inhibitions? Go for it!

I really try to go out of my way to make sure this experience is fun and full of laughter. This session might be done as a gift for someone else, or even as a gift for yourself, but that doesn't matter. I want this to be about your beautiful self. You, my friend, deserve this!

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